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About Us

The idea of GoGreenRide was conceptualized in 2006 by our founder and CEO, Yamandou Alexander. Yamandou finally launched GoGreenRide in 2012, bringing a fleet of much-needed green cars to the bustling streets of New York City.

The idea: a reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible car service that combined the luxury and amenities of a black car, with the pricing of a yellow cab. Using his technology and start-up know-how, Yamandou founded and launched limited service in New York City in the winter of 2012. Expanded beta service began in early 2013. Now anyone can GoGreenRide.

Whether you GoGreenRide for business or pleasure, we are constantly living our values and commitments to guarantee you the same quality in every ride.

Our Values

  • Quality - We strive for continuous and consistent quality in all that we do.
  • Trust - We want an open and honest relationship with our customers and team.
  • Responsibility - We are responsible in every aspect of our business - to our clients, to the environment and to each other.

Our Commitments

  • Reliability - Know you'll get where you're going on time without worry. Our mobile app allows you to ride now or ride later, and we'll be there on time (or tell you right then if we can't be). And our app also enables you to track your car on its way to pick you up.
  • Affordability - With our luxury service and top of the line amenities, GoGreenRide is as convenient as a black car service but at pricing on par with a yellow cab.
  • Consistency - Whether you book a ride from your house on the weekend, or an early morning ride from your office to a client meeting, feel secure knowing that you're getting the same quality each time. No guessing work.
  • Environmentally Responsible - Our fleet of hybrid cars produce only a fraction of the carbon emissions of most car service vehicles. GoGreenRide is committed to sustainable practices.
  • Innovation - The GoGreenRide experience keeps you plugged in. Each of our cars are decked out with complimentary wifi, an iPad, electrical chargers for most phones, and bottled water on select rides.

Livery passenger bill of right

  • Ride in a car that is clean, in good condition, and has passed all required inspections;
  • Be driven by a TLC-licensed driver in good standing whose license is clearly displayed;
  • A safe and courteous driver who obeys all traffic laws;
  • A quiet trip, free from horn-honking and audio/radio noise;
  • Receive a fare quote from the dispatcher and pay that amount for your ride (unless the trip changes);
  • A driver who does not use a cell phone while driving (hands-free phones are not permitted);
  • A smoke and scent free ride;
  • Air-conditioning or heat on request;
  • Working seat belts for all passengers - please use them!
  • Not share a ride, unless you want to;
  • Be accompanied by a service animal;
  • Decline to tip for poor service.