Fleet - GoGreenRide
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Being green is just part of our story.

We believe the standard in business should be environmentally conscious operations with a focus on sustainability. With our fleet of all hybrid cars, you can feel good about your environmental footprint.

Our current fleet is composed completely of 2012 Toyota Priuses. With an estimated 42 miles per gallon, our fleet also boasts an EPA smog score of eight of ten, and US News & World Report named the Prius V one the safest cars on the road in 2012.

Manned by one of our elite drivers, GoGreenRide will feel the same each time. Our drivers are hired and trained by GoGreenRide — no contractors or outsiders here. We control our drivers and our fleet, to maximize your expereience and guarantee you a pleasant ride. Outfitted in our GoGreenRide uniform, you will what you are getting each time you hop into one of our cars. The guessing work is done with GoGreenRide.

Consider GoGreenRide your office on-the-go.

Each car is decked out with complimentary amenities including wifi, phone charges, an iPad outfitted with Internet, radio and televisoin, and fresh water bottles. Plug in and tune out on your way to your destination.

You won’t have to worry abour your GoGreenRide breaking down either – we are constantly upgrading and replacing our fleet vehicles. No car is in service for more than three years.

Want to become a member?

Simply click here, enter your information and we will email you letting you know the status of your membership request.